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My mission is to search for the beauty that surrounds us every day, waiting to be discovered, and bring that to others through the wonderful world of pattern and textile, home decor, and paper products.

Translating this inspiration into art-for-all-occasions has been an unpredictable and joyful journey that has led me on a path from designing products you might have purchased from retailers like Shutterfly and PetSmart, to helping other brands flourish, to today—this delightful career in surface pattern design.

You and I know that as much as we enjoy art with a capital “A,” we can be moved by more than the masterworks hanging in a gallery or displayed on a pedestal. An heirloom quilt discovered at a flea market. A lovingly wrapped gift. A favorite cereal bowl. Small moments can be artistic and inspire us, too, and we deserve more of them in our lives.

So let’s make something elegant. Whimsical. Colorful. Beautiful! And enjoy it every day.

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