The Crepe Myrtle Collection

I had only to walk outside my door to find inspiration for my Crepe Myrtle Collection, since my street is lined with this unsung hero of southern landscapes. I found watercolor the perfect medium to explore the incredible range of knocked-out pinks and subtle greens. To see their branches bursting with a profusion of delicate blossoms can brighten even the hottest summer day.

Colorway A: Lawn
Blossom Stripe Pink<br />

Blossom Stripe – Pink

Blossom Silhouette Green

Blossom Silhouette – Green

Garden Gate Lipstick

Garden Gate – Lipstick

Leaves Tossed Deep Green

Leaves Tossed – Deep Green

Quilted Star Chartreuse

Quilted Star – Chartreuse

Garden Gingham Magenta

Garden Gingham – Magenta

color palette
Colorway B: Sky
Blossom Strip Ciel

Blossom Stripe – Ciel

Blossom Silhouette Ciel

Blossom Silhouette – Ciel

Garden Gate Citron

Garden Gate – Citron

Leaves Tossed Powder Blue

Leaves Tossed – Powder Blue

Quilted Star - Candy Pink

Quilted Star – Candy Pink

Garden Gingham Blue Green

Garden Gingham – Blue Green

color palette